Established in 2020, ‘Honey Bunches production’ is an independent, creative production house that offers a full range of film production services. In such a short span of one year, it has worked with great talents from all across the globe for some of the biggest brands.

But what is it that truly defines who we are?

We’re Honey Bunches production. We are cinema lovers at heart – passionate about making films that makes you smile, laugh, surprise, excited, emotional, retrospective… Basically that touches a part of you in some form or
the other. It is the small things that makes ‘Honey Bunches’ different from their contemporaries. We believe in creating ‘Magic’ in every work of ours. We are willing to go an extra mile to ensure that we live up to our commitment.
At ‘Honey Bunches’ along with building brands, we build relationships. And not just with our clients, agencies & directors; but with every single person ever works with us. We love to create memorable experiences of the journey that people can cherish forever


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We are there to guide, share and support you at every stage. Honey Bunches will help mitigate many of these challenges with honesty, integrity, and transparency. We understand the challenges and risks of shooting and the added complexity and diversity of shooting in India.

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